Chrono Saga is one of those series that each and every jRPG fan knows. Both Chrono Cross and the preceding title Chrono Trigger are games recognized by their magnificent music. Yasunori Mitsuda’s scores are by many considered to be iconic, and so it is nothing surprising that fans are willing to tweak them. One of the effects of this is Chronopolis: Music Inspired By Chrono Cross, on which we will find 28 remixes of tracks from the cult game.

Both Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger are games recognized by their magnificent music.

The album has been created by the members of OverClocked ReMix, a community of video game music lovers. Many of them are musicians themselves, and their endeavors can be heard on a plethora of other albums – Chronopolis is the 70th OverClocked’s release. Coincidentally, the community came to life in 1999, the very year Chrono Cross premiered.

Chronopolis is available to download for free on Soundcloud or the community’s web page. On the album, there is something for any genre fan: we’ll hear smooth jazz, acid techno, J-Rock, chiptune, intimate chamber music, solo piano pieces… The record is extremely diverse. All the tracks, though, are connected by the homage that the artists wanted to pay to the Chrono Saga composer.


Marek Domagała

Electric guitar, cinema and as much Rocket League as possible. Loves synthesizers and wouldn't mind some good black metal either. Taking the first steps as a video game composer.