Upcoming satiric adventure game by Polish studio Artifex Mundi, proudly titled Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love, will be released soon to present „the bestest country in the world” – Matryoshka. With Arkadiusz Reikowski at the helm as the main composer, Peter McConnell, known for Grim Fandango, composed the main theme for the game.

He shared the piece on several platforms and the studio thanked him in video showcasing some gameplay elements of Irony Curtain. The game promises to be interesting, thanks to references to LucasArts games and it’s central theme of parodying the absurd, grotesque reality of a totalitarian state. The player takes the role of a young pen-pusher thrown into a whirlwind of machinations between spies working for two superpowers, both being a stereotypical version of capitalist and socialist countries.

Working with Peter is an unforgettable experience. He perfectly understands the mood and style of classic adventure games and he managed to capture the game’s sounding splendidly. – Arkadiusz Reikowski

Musically speaking, Irony Curtain may be one of the studio’s and Reikowski’s most interesting projects. The sole presence of Peter McConnell allows one to expect a truly fun and humorous adventure game with a „wacky” plot. Reikowski fondly talks of their cooperation, which is why I am hoping for a fun, well-crafted soundtrack that can keep up with the game’s satiric humour. Irony Curtain will begin expansion before this quarter’s end.


Jan Szafraniec

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