The Medium is a game I cannot wait to play. Another survival horror production from the Polish studio Bloober Team is going to be released in the end of this month. The game is highly anticipated by the players and the critics, also has a big marketing campaign which includes hiring artists like Troy Baker or Akira Yamaoka or releasing a cinematic trailer with spectacular special effects.

Sounds like the audio team did a great job again.

A few days ago the studio showed us a 14 minute gameplay video. What we can see and hear in it is very promising, especially if you are a fan of the Silent Hill series. The cancelled Silent Hills production still awaits for a game that might replace it, and the independent game Visage partially did it so it may also work for The Medium.

Strong Silent Hill vibes are present in there. The mystery, the setting, the exploration, two alternative worlds. Such vibes can also be heard in the music from what we were able to hear so far. Akira Yamaoka, the legendary author of music for the Silent Hill franchise, collaborates here with the Bloober Team composer Arkadiusz Reikowski, who is also known for his horror soundtracks.

What will be the results of this collaboration? Time will tell, as the game and the soundtrack will get released. For me what we can hear in the gameplay sounds interesting and I suppose the final effect will not disappoint the fans of horror and both composers. This cooperation also can make Arek Reikowski’s music more recognisable in the world.

Strong Silent Hill vibes are present in there.

I also need to mention the sound design which is amazing, as always in the games made by this studio. Especially the sounds made by the creature called The Maw (voiced by Troy Baker) are terrifying. Sounds like the audio team did a great job again. Also the fans of Akira Yamaoka might be really content with the return of Mary Elisabeth McGlynn, the vocalist behind the Silent Hill series. Will The Medium meet the expectations of horror fans? Soon we will know.

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