If you’ve been paying attention recently, you know about the arrangement challenge posted on Twitter by the composer.

Turns out that the melody we all had the chance to toy with was nothing other than the main theme from Erica, the newest game featuring Austin Wintory’s soundtrack.

The main theme of Erica features Tina Guo and Caroline Campbell.

As this year’s Gamescom is already underway, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the myriad of announced games. Erica seems to stand out from the crowd through the bold idea of a perfect marriage of game and cinema and also, of course, through it’s audial feast. Speaking of music, it’s main theme has already been released; it features Tina Guo and Caroline Campbell, on cello and violin respectively.


Marek Domagała

Electric guitar, cinema and as much Rocket League as possible. Loves synthesizers and wouldn't mind some good black metal either. Taking the first steps as a video game composer.