The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook hosted by Insomniac’s Ted Price and composer Austin Wintory posted another great podcast, this time featuring two well-known composers: aftermentioned Austin Wintory and Bear McCreary.

How these great scores were made…

The two discussed their work, differences between film music and game music, McCreary’s perspective on God of War composing process and what actually makes up the word “cinematic” in gaming context, deconstructing that buzzword. They also exchanged thoughts about AC: Syndicate and its DLC, respectively scored by Wintory and McCreary.

Similarily to talk with Jason Graves or Darren Korb, the podcast gives some down-to-earth insight into the score production processes. Hearing how these mentioned, great scores were made is a treat in its own. I recommend it thoroughly.


Jan Szafraniec

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