Even though BF1 is “officially” in the past and not the leading game for DICE, the WW1 shooter still packs a decent playerbase and fanbase. The game seems ecen better in the light of BF:V being troubled by many bugs, controversies and overall not that great music.

BF1 is “officially” in the past and not the leading game for DICE.

We’ve spoken kindly about music of BF1 and its four expansions, hoping that EA Music will soon release the rest of the soundtracks to accompany They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar. I am happy to announce that Turning Tides and Apocalypse joined the bunch and all four soundtracks are there to listen.

What’s on them? War-mourning Lacrimosa, relaxing Cape Helles, Beaches of Sand and Blood full of pride and honor. There is plenty to choose from. Andrén i Söderqvist created some good material in the span of BF1 life-cycle, especially for Apocalypse, which was ironically the worst DLC of them all, cutting all the possible corners. That way or another, the release of those soundtracks is a good opportunity to revisit Somme and Gallipoli once more.


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