Doom Eternal can’t come quick enough. The game is shaping up to be spectacular and the new upcoming score by Mick Gordon does not make the wait easier. Neither his metal ideas.

The most metal thing possible.

Mick told powerup! that Doom Eternal score will feature a choir of metal vocalists, 25 to be more exact, all recorded during South by Southwest Conference is Austin. They include Ministry, Static-X, Black Crown Initiate and others. They recorded the metal glory in one day.

  • Sven de Caluwé – Aborted
  • Tony Campos – Fear Factory, Ministry oraz Static-X
  • James Dorton – Black Crown Initiate
  • Ben Crossbones – Arkane Studios Sound Designer
  • Rae Amitay – Immortal Bird
  • Chelsea Murphy – Dawn of Ouroboros
  • Nature Ganganbaigal – Tengger Cavalry
  • Natalie Kahan – Wildspeaker
  • James Rivera – Helstar
  • Tre Watson
  • Chelsea Strickland – Accursed Creator
  • Wesley Merrit – The World I Knew
  • Linzey Rae – The Anchor

What does Mick Gordon want to do? “The most metal thing possible”, fitting within the game and it’s simple, yet effective premise. Having stated he’d never done anything like that, he says it will be difficult to top. We can’t wait.

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