As we’ve known for some time, Jesper Kyd, as a veteran of the series, is coming back to score Borderlands 3. But as it goes with Bordelands, he never works alone. Both of the previous games’ scores were produced by a couple of composers, and the third part follows that trend. As detailed by the latest post on the game’s official site, we will hear music by Michael McCann and Finishing Move Inc. as well.

Such formulas can result in great soundtracks and Borderlands 3 has it all to prove it.

To see Jesper Kyd and Michael McCann is no surprise — both of them have proven their talent in well-known games, but to see Finishing Move Inc. here is the most interesting part. The production duo worked behind the scenes on some major hits (such as Assassin’s Creed), providing synths and guitars for both Borderlands games. It’s seems as though it’s finally their turn to take the helm and give their part to the universe.

Tracks were produced an co-produced by composers previously, but here — similarly to recent Detroit: Become Human — entire chunks of the campaign will be differentiated by a score made by one artist (or two of them when it comes to Finishing Move Inc.). Jesper Kyd is responsible for scoring Eden-6 part, Michael McCann will make music for Promethea and Finishing Move Inc. will focus solely on Pandora.

Each of the composers detailed what their score will sound like and how that sound will relate to the setting of each planet. Kyd’s part will sound loose and organic, McCann inspires himself with cyberpunk and sci-fi genres, while Finishing Move Inc. promises their score will sound „decayed and desolated”. Such formulas can result in great soundtracks and Borderlands 3 has it all to prove it. We will know soon enough when the game is released on September 13th.


Jan Szafraniec

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