Who isn’t excited about the new Hideo Kojima game?! To add to all of the hype, it turns out that there will be a music album consisting solely of tracks inspired by Death Stranding, and rumour has it Major Lazer, Khalid and CHVRCHES (the Scottish band has recently visited Kojima Productions) are to be part of it. To quote Bioshock: Ain’t life in Rapture grand?

Rumour has it Major Lazer, Khalid and CHVRCHES are to be part of it.

Death Stranding: Timefall, as that’s the name of the album, will be released on the same day the game premieres, which is November 8. The release is separate from the game’s soundtrack or score. If you wanna know more about it, here’s the PlayStation FAQ page. 


Marek Domagała

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