Game Music Festival is not just concerts with the music of video games but also multiple educational events. During masterclass workshops, participants will be able to see the backstage of how audio is being created for games, as well as improve their competencies and learn many tips & tricks. Enrolment is now open.

Entry to all masterclasses is free of charge.

In parallel to the festival’s concerts, there are meetings and discussions with game audio professionals, including masterclass workshops conducted by composers who are the special guests of Game Music Festival 2020. Entry to all masterclasses is free of charge, onsite or online. However, due to a limited number of seats, attendees shall register.


Those sessions will be a unique opportunity to have closer look into the world of music and sounds of contemporary video games. This can be very beneficial for everyone who plans to build a career in composing or designing sound for games. Additionally, on the 17th of October at 17:30 CEST there will be an online panel discussion where all of the composers mentioned below will participate, plus Austin Wintory and Jon Everist. Here are the GMF2020 special guests and the subjects of their masterclasses:

16 October, 18:00 CEST

Borislav Slavov, the musical mastermind of Larian Studios, famous for his innovative solutions in adaptive audio. He created the critically acclaimed soundtrack of Divinity: Original Sin II, and is currently working on the much anticipated score for Baldur’s Gate III. Borislav will talk about the way he has composed the score and designed the music systems in order to achieve the adaptive musical experience of Baldur’s Gate III. He will make a live D&D music presentation on stage, where everyone from the public will be able to join and influence the course of the soundtrack in real time.

17 October, 14:30 CEST

Arkadiusz Reikowski, the renowned expert in writing music for horror games. Having scored titles like Kholat, Layers of Fear, Observer, he is now cooperating with Akira Yamaoka on The Medium. Arkadiusz will present the creative process behind the minds of himself and Akira Yamaoka, as well as how the two styles connected and how they work inside the world of The Medium.

17 October, 16:00 CEST

Darren Korb, the Audio Director and Composer of Supergiant Games, well known for his songwriting skills and an eclectic approach. He scored Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and Hades. Darren will discuss making and implementing the music for Supergiant’s latest title, Hades. He’ll explore the unique challenges of scoring a game designed for replayability, his approach to solving them, and he’ll take you through his process of how he arrived at the game’s “Mediterranean-Prog Rock-Halloween Music”sound.

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