We are passionate about the music of video games, obviously. Our team established the gamemusic.net website back in 2006, and we have been growing ever since, making our dreams come true by creating Game Music Records – our crown jewel. We have thus founded a record company which specializes in producing, promoting, and distributing the music of video games on vinyl.

Our label aims to release truly unique albums on vinyls – without compromises in audio quality, and with an outstanding graphical design. We are not targeting the mass market of video game music enthusiasts, instead focusing on delivering something extra to the most demanding audience. All of our releases sold out quickly and are prized among the community of fans.

Visit our online store: gamemusicrecords.com

The first album released by Gamemusic Records was the soundtrack from the horror game Kholat composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski. Second release by the label is Heroes Piano Sonatas, the live recording of Heroes of Might and Magic music – piano arrangements by the composer himself, Paul Anthony Romero. The third vinyl released was the soundtrack to critically acclaimed game Frostpunk, composed by Piotr Musiał, followed by an extended Frostpunk Complete Edition. In 2022, we released a double vinyl album with the music of Heroes of Might & Magic III, the cult classic strategy game.

The mission of Gamemusic Records as a label is to combine all the best feature of exquisite vinyl albums, starting with an original artwork to promote talented artists who manage to convey the spirit of the music with their designs. Our experience audio engineers carefully perform the mastering procedures to adjust each recording to the nature of a modern analog sound storage medium, without compromising its original appeal.