Hosted since 2015, Melbourne International Games Week has been one of the best events for videogames out there. Gathering notable people from the industry, local creators and gamers, it boasts with a steadily rising popularity and many interesting conferences.

It is amazing for such conferneces to notice game audio like that.

This year’s MIGW is planned for 5th to 13th October, and even though we don’t know all the details about the scheduled events, one already stands out — High Score, an event dedicated entirely to the sound and music of videogames, with this year’s edition spanning 2 days and including contributions from many interesting musical personalities such as Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Takahiro Izutani (Metal Gear), Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight) and Chipzel (GameBoy composer).

It is great news that a major videogame event such as MIGW, concentrating on many aspects of the industry, hosts a two-day set of talks and workshops about videogame music. What’s even more great is that the event was sold out both times it’s been organised, showing a growing interest of the gaming community in everything audio.


Jan Szafraniec

Fasicinated by everything that is noisy, minimal and industrial. He spends most of the time writing and floating around in ambient. He's been loyally professing videogame music for a decade and won't ever stop.