Playstation Blog has recently covered an interesting topic, which was surely overlooked by many during the course of history. Gameinformer’s Jeff Cork published there an interview with no one else than Takafumi Fujisawa, the sound designer behind THE PS1 sound.

The sound was about excitement that came with booting up the console.

Fujisawa mentions how the process was unfolding and how he wanted to utilize properly the new tech for the startup sound, going from a more orchestral sound into ethnic. At the heart of it, the sound was about excitement that came with booting up the console, and the sense of security that follows. The production of the sounds with collecting and recording wrapped up in two weeks.

Afterwards, Fujisawa moved on to Playstation 2, to later lead junior staff for creating sound for PS3. He says of his time designing the sounds as “valuable”. You can read the entire thing here.

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