Techland released the second promo video regarding the creative process on their long-time anticipated second installment of the Dying Light game. The behind the scenes videos give us many interesting details about the game’s development.

For the monsters, the sounds they make is the processed human voice.

In the latest one the players can experience the newest Monsters Trailer which is an amazing performance. The stealth sequence while crouching past the sleeping monsters in an abandoned hospital really gives the chills and the sound design in the whole trailer is outstanding. Also as for what we can hear in there, Olivier Deriviere’s music sounds very promising.

We also have interviews with the game designers and animators about how the creatures are animated and designed. But the most important part for us is the conversation with Tomasz Siadak, the senior sound designer at Techland. He describes how the sound design in the game is being made.

For the monsters, the sounds they make is the processed human voice. After all, they were humans once. The important thing for the audio team is to portray the state of the creatures with different sounds, whether they are injured, angry or dying.

An interesting thing they presented to us are the sounds of the new enemies: the Banshee which is female so she makes high-pitched, vibrant screams, and the Howler which calls for other monsters when attacked. Furthermore, to create the audio environment of the dying town, the sound designers recorded many locations ambiance, like old bunkers or the forest in winter.

Olivier Deriviere’s tips for composers

Dying Light 2 is the game I am really waiting for, and after seeing the gameplay and hearing the amazing sound design I really can’t wait to play it. Let us hope that December 7 is the final release date.

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