Supermassive Games, the studio known for Until Dawn or Inpatient, has been advertising its new project called The Dark Pictures, a series of “movie-games” that will be kicked off by Men of Medan. The episode will be about young Americans escaping an old, haunted WW2 warship in the middle of the ocean. What we’ve read and heard so far, we can expect something very similar to Until Dawn when it comes to narrative, visuals and music.

Bandai Namco shared a piece of music from the game on their webiste (Epic Rewards Club), proudly titled Of Stormy Seas and Howling Winds. In the tag of the track, a name comes up. Turns out no other than Jason Graves will be composing the score for either the episode or the entire series. His fluency in horror music (Dead Space, Tomb Raider and Until Dawn) will surely be used here.

The piece resembles something from adventure films the likes of King Kong or Atlantis, sounding similar to Mass Effect’s The Citadel. I am all for Graves like that, because his recent scores weren’t really to my likings that much. This one, however, buys me with the mix of mystery, awe and menace. The rest of the score will be hopefully released along with the game this summer. The link to the site with the piece is here.


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