If the PlayStation 5 console was about to speak as a human and present itself with a song, say, an ode to a console, perhaps it wouldn’t be Gustavo Santaolalla and one of he’s scores for The Last Of Us 2, but instead, it might be Kenneth C.K. Young and he’s “I’m Your GPU” for the game Astro’s Playroom.

The album’s already in streaming – Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

That was what the latter composer actually meant, when he was beginning working on the track. And that work was quite long, was riding switchbacks, reaching dead ends and had unexpected turns. The song definitely wasn’t one of the ones made in just one evening – it was formed patiently, starting with jungle themes, to the digital sound of old-school platform games or the distorted guitar and an Arctic Monkeys-ish vocal, to the ultimate disco-similar version.

The number of iterations shouldn’t be a surprise though since “I’m Your GPU” was the first song that Young was creating for the soundtrack and its sound was going to set the style of the whole. The album’s already in streaming – Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, so you can check out the results yourself.

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As Kenneth Young adds: “You learn something from every little misstep and, if you persevere, each of them leads to something that clicks. Rinse, repeat. Then at some point you realise it’s baked!” On Playstation’s blog, Young wrote the step by step process of making the song. You can find there seven different versions ofI’m Your GPU” to listen to. It’s a nice insight into a composer’s collaboration with a developers team – in that case, with Sony and Asobi Team.

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