Supermassive Games’ next project will appear on every major platform in this year’s August. This obligatory for the fans of movie-games title will include the score by Jason Graves, a veteran of the horror genre known fot his fluency in making scary and imaginative music. 

This score may be one of the best Jason Graves’ releases in recent years.

Recently, Bandai Namco shared one of the soundtrack’s themes, which we really liked and made us eagerly anticipate the entire album. The publisher, fortunately, made sure it will be released properly and you will be able to purchase vinyl copies of it on the release day (30 August 2019).

Of Stormy Seas and Howling Winds is the only track we know but it hints a score that may be one of Graves’ best releases of recent time, given its wonderful mixture of adventure movies vibes and terror. I assure you it’s worth to suffer Bandai Namco’s website to listen to it. Below, the link where you can pre-order the vinyl – click.


Jan Szafraniec

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