The latest part of the horror game series from Supermassive Games, The Dark Pictures Anthology, titled House of Ashes has been released on 22 October. Barney Pratt, the audio director of the series, wrote an article explaining the work of his and the composer Jason Graves for these titles.

House of Ashes sounds really great.

For each of the games the composer wrote differently sounding soundtracks, as every game is set in different time period and environment. Man of Medan score was inspired by the ocean, Little Hope by the Middle Ages, while Sound of Ashes by the Sumerian culture.

Graves and Pratt used also processed sounds like the voice of a pigeon which fits the audio of the game. They worked hard implementing the music as it changes seamlessly regarding the changes in narration or the decisions the player makes. Furthermore when the story unfolds, the music develops as well, starting from percussion patterns through orchestral parts up to the synthesizers. House of Ashes sounds really great and for me it is the best game of the series so far. You can read more about the music design of the game here.

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