Recently, Haruspis blog posted a lengthy post about the background of Halo 4 music and its two composers — Neil Davidge and Kazuma Jinnouchi. Known for Halo posts, the author dives deeply into themes and provides their outlook on this undoubtedly great score.

It’s a great insight into Halo 4’s music background and themes.

Haruspis describes Davidge first, pointing out the composers connection to Massive Attack and how his musical language helped shape the feel and story of Halo 4. He thinks of his work as of the stranger, more ethereal part. Regarding Jinnouchi, Haruspis describes him as more classical and “grounded in the past”, and mentions how sparingly he references previous themes. That said, the post is clearly defining Halo 4’s strongest features and multiple approaches to the scoring.

The text provides some accurate opinions on Halo 4, giving us a taste of history and analysis first, while of course sharing the authors feelings towards the score. But don’t let that fool you, it’s a great insight into Halo 4’s music background and themes. Other articles are great, too!


Jan Szafraniec

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