Techland recently released the fourth episode of their behind the scenes videos describing the development of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. For this episode, among other guests, they invited Olivier Deriviere, the composer of the soundtrack of the game.

Listen how amazingly the music develops with each trick the main character performs.

In the video the composer reveals some fascinating details about his upcoming score for Dying Light 2. As the readers may remember, Olivier is truly devoted to the interactivity of the video game music, so this time the OST will be with no doubt very interactive again. The music will change during each stage of the fight with different enemies, and the choices the player will make will affect the soundtrack as well.

But the most interesting thing comes with the parkour, the very important mechanics of the game. As Olivier Deriviere explains, the ground levels of the locations are “dead”, hence the lack of music when the player explores the ground. But as soon as they go higher and start to climb the buildings and jump the rooftops, the music grows bigger. Listen how amazingly the music develops with each trick the main character performs (the gameplay material is cut but you can still determine it) – and how it fades out after he lands on the ground.

What is elegance, and why are video game composers obsessed with it?

Another amazing aspect we learn from the video is the fact that the music develops along with the game’s story. The more we know the story, the more the orchestra will appear added to the synthesizers. Below you can watch the video of the orchestra recording session. You can also listen to the main theme of the game here. Let’s keep waiting patiently to experience the soundtrack in the game by ourselves!

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