Back in 2018, Peter Connelly announced a new project called The Dark Angel Symphony, a re-recording of some of the tracks from his Tomb Raider scores: Angel of Darkness, Last Revelation and Chronicles. After 4 years (including one year of production), we can finally hear the results.

A great treat for the fans.

38 tracks with an almost 70minutes running time were recorded at prestigious Air Lyndhurst Studios and cover a huge chunk of the games’ soundtracks. It’s quite a treat, especially considering the noticeable production value which really breathes some life into the scores.

Now available digitally and including original score remasters as well, The Dark Angel Symphony will also be available on vinyl mid-January. CDs are part of larger packages. You can check the entire shop out here.


Jan Szafraniec

Fasicinated by everything that is noisy, minimal and industrial. He spends most of the time writing and floating around in ambient. He's been loyally professing videogame music for a decade and won't ever stop.