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Frostpunk Original Soundtrack – vinyl


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  • 1 x snow white LP 180 gram
  • First pressing, edition limited to 500 copies
  • Gatefold jacket with high-resolution concept art
  • Large panoramic artwork
  • Music by Polish composer Piotr Musiał
  • Performed by Atom String Quartet and Sofia Session Orchestra
  • Remastered for vinyl by Matthias Adloff
  • Exclusive cover design by Jakub Kowalczyk
  • This edition includes a code for the digital download of the whole soundtrack

This is the vinyl release of the critically acclaimed Frostpunk Original Soundtrack composed by Piotr Musiał. A digital download code of the whole OST is included and contains one digital exclusive bonus track. Released on a single 12-inch white vinyl in an awesome gatefold jacket with antistatic sleeves inside. The beautiful artwork used on the external cover of this album was painted especially for the vinyl release by Jakub Kowalczyk.

Vinyl Track List:

[Side A]

  1. Frostpunk Theme
  2. Are We Alone?
  3. The Darkest of Days
  4. Streets of New London
  5. Brave New World

[Side B]

  1. The Last Flame
  2. The Shepherd
  3. Into the Storm
  4. The City Must Survive
  5. Damned Souls