The vinyl avalanche does not stop. The newest release is going to be Floex’s magnificent soundtrack from Machinarium – a beautiful point-and-click adventure game employing steampunk and quirkiness. The label behind this 9th already reissue is Minority Records.

For anybody in love with Floex’s music, the timing couldn’t seemingly be better.

For a price of € 14 or € 15, you can get a clear or black vinyl with 14 songs from the game engraved on it. The former’s copies are limited to a number of 100. For Floex (Tomáš Dvořák), the timing couldn’t seemingly be better, as his latest game (Papetura) is soon to be released as well. For anybody in love with his music, we could probably say the same.


Marek Domagała

Electric guitar, cinema and as much Rocket League as possible. Loves synthesizers and wouldn't mind some good black metal either. Taking the first steps as a video game composer.