A journey worth taking. From April 22nd to 25th SoundTrack conference will be held in Cologne, Germany. In a span of 4 days, a team of experienced and well-known composers will be talking during „Composing for Games” conferences on their experiences, underway projects and other things music.

Big names here.

Who will you be able to see there? The Flight (AC: Odyssey, Horizon Zero Dawn), Nathan Whitehead (Days Gone), Nainita Desai (Telling Lies) and David Housden (Lost Words). Big names here, with a varied portfolio and experiences.

The videogame block is one of three, actually, with other being „Composing for TV” and „Composing for Film”. The passes – daily or full – range from 35€ to 90€. It’s completely worth it, can’t wait to see how it unfolds! You can find the tickets here.

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Jan Szafraniec

Fasicinated by everything that is noisy, minimal and industrial. He spends most of the time writing and floating around in ambient. He's been loyally professing videogame music for a decade and won't ever stop.