As I am a horror games enthusiast, I was asked to choose 10 tracks from the Silent Hill series. The series has a special place in my heart. Intriguing and dark stories, psychological struggling of the protagonists, unsetlling world of the games and disturbing enemy design. And above all the music by Akira Yamaoka.

For the ranking I focused on the first four canonical installments.

Although this artist is not a trained composer (he studied architecture), his soundtracks prove that there is no formal musical education needed to create music. In one of the interviews he emphasized that he aims to merge music with other fields of art, like many did before him. The final effect is surprisingly good.

  1. The Last Mariachi – (Silent Hill 4: The Room)
  2. All – (Silent Hill )
  3. My Heaven – (Silent Hill )
  4. Fermata In Mistic Air – (Silent Hill 2)
  5. Laura Plays The Piano – (Silent Hill 2)
  6. True – (Silent Hill 2)
  7. Black Fairy – (Silent Hill 2)
  8. Prayer – (Silent Hill 3)
  9. Scarlet – (Silent Hill 4)
  10. Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me – (Silent Hill 3)

It was really hard to chosse 10 tracks from five games. For the ranking I focused on the first four canonical installments, created by Team Silent and Konami. Though one song from Silent Hill: Homecoming appeared in there, a game that had bad reception among the fans, inequitably in my opinion. I was not directed with the popularity of certain tracks among the fans of the series. The ranking is completely subjective.

Why is sound so important for horror games?

On the list there are both the post industrial noises known from the first installment and the more melodic compositions appearing strongly in the second and the third game. In some cases while choosing a certain track I considered what effect it had on me during the gameplay or if it was connected to an important scene, besides its musical structure, as in the case of Fermata in Mistic Air, True or Black Fairy. Feel free to take a listen to the list.

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