The release of the newest console by Sony is coming. While everyone is discussing how it looks like and what its graphics processor can do, nobody mentioned what this console can offer in terms of sound processing.

In this video Mark Cerny gives us some insight on that matter. He reveals that the secret of the future PlayStation sounds is the perfect localization of the source.

Will it be the future of sound in games?

By using Dead Space as an example, Cerny explains how the localization is important. As he says, we can hear the last enemy standing but we cannot precisely determine its location. Actually I can, which I described in this article yet according to Cerny, localization of the enemies will be very precise in the PS5 console.

Which technology will that be? Tempest 3D Audio Tech is based on the Head Related Transfer Function. Each of us hear differently. The shape of the head, how the cranial bones resonate with the sound and how the ear canals detect the sound determine how we hear.

Cerny explains how the localization is important

The audio team at Sony tested hundreds of people in the anechoic chamber by putting microphones in both of their ear canals and sitting them in the middle of an array of 22 speakers. By playing an audio sweep and rotating each subject they ended up with over one thousand locations for each subject. That means we will be able to find the audio profile that will be the most accurate for our hearing.

I am not an audiophile. I do not pay attention to all of those expensive 3D sound systems that require lots of money and space for appropriate sound transmission. However the technology presented in the PS5 briefing looks exciting and promising. Will it be the future of sound in games? Time will tell.

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