The Last of Us Part 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the hit from 2013. Let us leave the overall issues of the hard core fans and emotionally immature gamers regarding the game’s story and the look of some characters, and focus on the soundtrack (and the story as well). The game is scored by Gustavo Santaolalla as it was in its first installment, this time with the help of Mac Quayle.

The sequel’s plot starts five years after the first installment’s story and after the peaceful beginning it soon turns out very dark. The player is in control of two female characters, Ellie known from the first installment, and the new one named Abby. The two are enemies of each other and as the player we discover the game’s story through each one’s perspective.

His music makes the player feel desolated.

Gustavo Santaolalla used his characteristic guitar patterns known from the Part 1. Most of them are variations of the cues used in the first game which is pretty obvious since it is a sequel. One of the most beautiful of these is a track titled Chasing a Rumor. Followed by other moving pieces like Allowed to be Happy, All Gone (The Promise), both versions of Longing or Unbroken his music makes the player feel desolated. Like in the first installment, the composer’s score accompanies the journey through the abandoned world but also through the souls of the characters.

The brutality of the game finds a reflection in Mac Quayle’s score. The unnerving synthesizers present in the fight parts and cutscenes fit the gameplay very well. After all, this game is about revenge. The neverending circle of vengeance is the core of the Last of Us Part 2 and the tracks such as The Cycle of Violence or They’re Still Out There correspond with the in-game shooting, cutting throats and smashing the enemies.

The neverending circle of vengeance is the core of the Last of Us Part 2.

Yes, The Last of Us Part 2 is about revenge. Revenge is the fuel of this game. The game shows the futility of vengeance but also the way to redeem for the past deeds. The scores of both composers correspond with what we experience during the gameplay. Just horse-riding through the village set on fire gives you the chills.

Sound design in The Last of Us Part 2

Even if Gustavo Santaolalla’s score for the first TLOU installment was more melodic and included more fighting tracks, he and Mac Quayle did an awesome job. They both created a score that tells a story of revenge and redemption. Ellie and Abby, the two of the main characters, seek both for justice and the soundtrack conveys their emotions. But it also shows the downward spiral of hate. When you are obsessed with vengeance, you will eventually end in tears and all alone.

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