Psychonauts 2 is just around the corner to continue the story of Razpustin Aquato begun a long time ago in 2005. Raz is a telepathic guy who travels other people’s minds – and this makes a great field of possibilities for a composer to be in the shoes of many different composers. That’s why Peter McConnell, who has never labeled himself with only one genre, seems to be the right person in the right place – just like in the case of Psychonauts.

It’s gonna be a festival of good music.

Now, you may have a glance at the music he composed for the sequel – the Double Fine team published a 6-minute „Psychonauts 2 Musical Tour”. The video shows snippets of McConnell’s work along with images from the game. There’s no surprise – the soundtrack is going to be very complex, organic and well-suited to various moods of visiting different minds.

Playing video games having visual disabilities

In his interview for SPIN Magazine McConnell said that he had felt at home „exploring a universe of personalities and moods with an equally wide range of musical styles”. It sounds like it’s gonna be a festival of good music, again, with great musicians of folk, jazz and rock n’ roll groups as well as a symphonic orchestra. Even the recording session itself took place in many different spots – in Melbourne, Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, Beijing, Los Angeles, Orlando, Door County, Wisconsin and Connell’s own studio. “What could be a bigger subject to score than the human mind?” – he added.

The entire soundtrack lasts 3 hours and, according to Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine, it covers all levels in the game, from a castno to a bowling shoe. We’re going to hear it soon, since the game’s premiere is set for August 25.

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