With game music being a bottomless sea, it’s easy to get lost or difficult to say what is the best theme. Of course, there isn’t one, but Liberty Games Blog took up a noble quest of finding out what are the most popular videogame themes on Spotify and presenting the data on a neat graphic.

It’s great to see videogame themes reach tsuch numbers.

See the full list here at Liberty Games Blog

To no one’s surprise, the most listened tracks come from popular, modern games with Daniel Rosenfeld’s Minecraft score topping the chart with almost 50 millions plays and surpassing the second spot, occupied by Jeremy Soule’s Drangonborn theme for Skyrim, by 30 million plays. Mass Effect, Uncharted and Fallout follow, leaving the classics such as FFX or Ocarina of Time in the second half of the list.

The whole deal tells us a few things, mainly showing that soundtrack popularity in strictly bound to the game’s popularity and pointing out that the demography of Spotify is leaning towards modern games overall (with Mario Bros exception). These numbers are to be proud of and it’s great to see videogame themes reach them.


Jan Szafraniec

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