After 2018’s four performances of the game’s music in Tokyo, Square Enix and AWR Music Productions bring the hit soundtrack to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. Two concerts will be played in the West (one in London and one in Chicago), giving the players an opportunity to witness Keiichi Okabe’s music in its full power.

It’s great to see it performed by such excellent musicians.

The concert for the European audience will happen in London on 2nd February 2020. NieR: Automata score will be performed by Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Chamber Choir of London and vocalist Emi Evans, all led by Arnie Roth. The game’s director, Yoko Taro, will also make an appearance. Needless to say, it will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Sadly, only one performance will be held Europe, leaving out many countries. However, it is great to see such love around modern game music, the praise it receives and to have it performed by such excellent musicians. The price may deter some as the tickets range from 37£ to 67£, with a 120£ VIP package being the most expensive alternative.


Jan Szafraniec

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