All the announcements of the new content to the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts III make me wonder if the game will be really huge, or Square Enix wants to buy some time and creates a little Frankenstein’s monster. Whatever the reasons, the fans, including yours truly, receive all news about Kingdom Hearts very happily. Even if it seems we’ll get something weird.

The new song will be revealed on the 19 of January next year.

According to the latest news, j-pop starlet and the author of Don’t Think Twice – the main theme from Kingdom Hearts III – Hikaru Utada joined forces with a well known American DJ Sonny “Skrillex” Moore. The result of their cooperation is the song Face My Fears. Initially though, it was assumed that Skrillex would just make a remix of Don’t Thinkk Twice. The new song will be revealed on the 19 of January next year, exactly 10 days before the premiere of Kingdom Hearts III.

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