Gamemusic Records team joined forces Larian Studios and the composer of the score, Borislav Slavov, to deliver this outstanding musical experience to you in a way that does justice to both the game and the soundtrack itself: all remastered for vinyl and full of new original artwork. Pre-order now: Standard Edition & Deluxe Edition.

Pre-order The Standard Edition

Magdalena Katańska – a trusted, long-time associate of the label. The inside presents a stunning panoramic painting. Ripe with references to the world and characters from the game, it is a delight for fans of the game and its music alike. Discs are made in mix of black and purple, invoking the association to Mind Flayers – dreaded enemies from the Forgotten Realms universe.

This musical masterpiece by Borislav Slavov is making its premiere on vinyl in two exclusive versions.

The limited Deluxe Edition, available only during the pre-order campaign, changes the inner sleeves to six original paintings of Origin Characters, paying homage to beloved heroes from the game. Based on the idea of duality, each disc in this edition also presents a different mix of colors, all coherently representing the pairings, relations, and depth of those characters. Deluxe Edition is presented as a magnetic closure box set, resembling an ancient grimoire.

Pre-order The limited Deluxe Edition

The Standard Edition will remain available for sale, with the limited Deluxe Edition being available exclusively during the pre-order period. The worldwide shipping of both versions is estimated to begin in the Summer of 2024.

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