We delayed announcing the Album of the 2020 winners. Despite of the fact that the previous year was sweet with us if we are considering the number of games’ premiers, in case of the game music it wasn’t the same. Sometimes more doesn’t mean better, and many of productions for which we were waiting failed because of either the material fatigue, or the exaggerated amount of unnecessary ideas which spoiled the final effect.

So far we can expect a gaming dry spell and a lack of good soundtracks.

It doesn’t mean that we didn’t get that we, the Game Music stuff, expected. I mean soundtracks to which we will get back to for the next ten years and which additionally will go on shelves as physical media. Nevertheless 2020 shown us the trends in the game music, chosen by composers, which we will monitor closely to inform you about their influence on the music market.

At the very end we would like to add that we look into 2021 with a slight concern. So far we can expect a gaming dry spell and a lack of good soundtracks as a result of lack of big premieres. Despite of that we don’t lose hope and think positively.

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Editor In Chief

Mariusz Borkowski

For many years he’s been continuously sharing with others his passion for melodies from video games.