To say that the Witcher holds a special place in the folk-metal band’s career is an understatement. Wild Hunt’s music fame still lives as armies of fans attend the concerts to experience Percival’s energy for themselves.

It’s the band’s first Witcher-related release.

The band has been active since late 90’s, releasing a number of CD’s with self-made songs, and at the same time gathering and re-performing old Slavic tunes in their own way. After all these years, finally a vinyl release appeared on their site, featuring recordings from Wild Hunt Live Tour. It’s their first vinyl and Witcher-related release.

The vinyl holds 40-minutes of music recorded at 2018’s Pyrkon event (Polish equivalent of Comic Con). We don’t know the tracklist or release date yet, but the price is 70PLN (18$). You can order it here.


Jan Szafraniec

Fasicinated by everything that is noisy, minimal and industrial. He spends most of the time writing and floating around in ambient. He's been loyally professing videogame music for a decade and won't ever stop.