Here it is – Wolfenstein: Youngblood has officially been released. There isn’t much waiting to be done before the official soundtrack storms it’s way through the gates of streaming services. The composing crew, piloted by Mick Gordon, will raid our ears with a collection of originally written (and then remixed by Ross Tregenza) synthwave bangers. Best part? The whole release seems like a mixtape taken straight out of a 1980s high school party.

The crew, piloted by Mick Gordon, will raid our ears with a collection of synthwave bangers.

Retrofuturistic synthesizer beats have found a new home in the timeline. As more and more games employ this kind of sonic direction, Wolfenstein: Youngblood does not fall behind in trends. Over the course of the whole title, the player has a chance to find 41 cassette tapes, each with either a song or an audio recording of an in-game character. Needless to say, the songs burned (wound up?) in the cassette tapes are those written by game composers themselves.

For anyone ambitious enough to try and collect all of them, here is a guide. Others, who just want to peacefully listen to the production wonders of Mick Gordon, COPILOT Music and Sound and Ross Tregenza, will have to wait for the official soundtrack release.


Marek Domagała

Electric guitar, cinema and as much Rocket League as possible. Loves synthesizers and wouldn't mind some good black metal either. Taking the first steps as a video game composer.